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Petro Oxin Pishtaz

Petro Oxin Pishtaz Jonoub Company as one of the suppliers for the equipment in oil, gas, petrochemical, mining, metal, refinery and industry and specialized installation group and technical services of gas quality and quantity measuring systems, industrial automation, instrumentation systems and industrial networks was stablished at 1397 with registration number of 531154 and during this period with entrance to vendor list of national oil company and petrochemical companies (EP systems), the headquarter systems, with its experienced work forces in the fields of consulting, supplying goods, purchase, transportation, installation and commissioning, has been able to provide appropriate services to the industry.


Why Petro Oxin Pishtaz Jonoub?

Petro Oxin Pishtaz Jonoub regarding to its establishment in recent years, in the current time and under sanction in the shortest possible time with the best quality in the specific projects, has been able to cooperate with honored employers, and has obtained the consent from those companies. Including obtaining approval and satisfaction from the national drilling company in the field of supplying operational and safety goods.

Experienced forces

Having experienced forces in the essential fields in oil, gas, petrochemical and drilling industry

The fastest possible time

Having European representations for supplying industrial goods and precision tools for various industries in Iran regarding to obtaining representation from other countries, such as Germany, Italy, Oman and ...

24/7 Support

24-hour support team in every day of week for solving problems and the needs of honored employers

Peak Surveys

In the current situation and under sanction, in the shortest possible time and with the best quality in specific projects, the necessary cooperation with respected employers was achieved and the satisfactory of companies was obtained.

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