In the precise instrumentation and control section, our focus is on continuous monitoring of the process and equipment and providing comprehensive solutions for the optimal usage of the capabilities and capacities of the group. Along with this, engineers try to maintain a continuous relationship with customers by understanding their requests and needs and provide appropriate solutions in this area to ensure that their needs are met.
We strive to satisfy the needs of this industry in the field of construction, installation, operation and maintenance of control systems and instrumentation in various sectors of the oil and gas industry, such as wellhead and oil extraction sectors in the upstream parts, refineries and transmission lines in the intermediate parts and petrochemicals and storage tanks in the downstream parts and provide high quality services as needed.

Our engineers are able to design and provide a variety of control systems and precise instruments based on customer needs, including the following:
• Controlling systems based on PLC
• Controlling systems based on DCS
• SCADA monitoring and control systems
• Fire alarm and extinguishing system
• ESD system
• Condition monitoring systems