Regarding the expansion of investments in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors in recent years, the installation section of Petro Oxin Pishtaz Jonoub Company has specially started in the field of instrumentation. At present, the company is able to implement installation projects in the fields of precise instrument and control by using experienced workers, including managers, engineers, technicians, and masters.

The main activities in this section are as follows:

  • Doing calibration of precise devices and various control and safety valves
  • Construction and installation of support and installation of trays and ladders for cables, conduits and ducts
  • Installation of control cables, signals and… along with the gland and applying the relevant caps
  • Construction and installation of instrument holder with the relevant awnings
  • Installation of precise devices
  • Installation of control panels
  • Installation of equipment related to control rooms
  • Performing air piping for precise equipment
  • Installation of PLC analyzers and Vibration Monitoring devices
  • Installation of local junction boxes and boards
  • Loop check of precise instrumentation systems
  • Perform precise instrumentation setup operations

The process of work in these subjects are performed by appointing project managers and heads of workshops, forming a project team, equipping the workshop on site, managing and controlling the project according to the relevant principles through the company’s industrial planners, completing the project until the temporary delivery stage and then permanent delivery and preparation of the as-built plans for delivery to the employer.